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Success Stories


Case Study 1

The Product : An Artificial Intelligence (AI)  platform  that offers Real Time  AI based  Video Analytics  Engine.


The Success : Identified new categories, and use cases, for the solution which were not previously considered. Helped them reach CXO levels across several verticals and helped close strong partnerships. 


The growth is still continuing with many more advance stage discussions across the globe. 

Case Study 2

The Product : A Construction Tech Solution company created an extraordinary product to meet the demands of digitalization in construction and also needs for modern construction methods ie Modular Construction.


The Success :  We supported the company to reach out globally and sharply modified the sales pitch which led to it being seen as an end to end solution for construction business challenges.


We continue to take them across geographies and developing the right implementation strategy for them to become a global player


Case Study 3

The Product : A strong solution in cyber-security space. However, not able to grow beyond the initial clients.


The Success : We sharpened their pitch & product positioning from an IT tool to a business necessary solution with clear cost benefits and reduction of risk of cyber attacks. We helped them reach a very wide audience across the geography resulting in POCs and partnerships.

Spurred by initial success we are in course on growing them exponentially across the globe.

Case Study 4

The Product : Embedded Device Security that can trace & protect your device & data even when they are not connected to any network. 

The Success : Completely reworked the global distribution strategy eliminating the need to reach out individually to organizations by adopting an innovative route through reinsurance industry. Simultaneously have reached POC stage with some of the top industrial houses.


Well poised to grow globally building on these successes  


Case Study 5

The Product : Smart QR code for digital security & supply chain management.


The Success : Identified new use cases for FMCG / Pharma / banking industry for unique consumer marketing as well as supply chain management. In roll out stage with two very large Beverage & Pharma brands and in advance stages with several others.


The unique dynamic consumer engagement opportunity using smart QR is now poised for an explosive global growth

Case Study 6

The Product : An Artificial  Intelligence (AI) based Clinical Assistant Solution to be used at the Point of Care for the doctors to save time & effort.


The Success : Deep dive into the product helped in relaunch with its pitch modified to improve per patient revenue across various verticals of a hospital rather than only a platform to support to doctor. This quickly led to their first firm order and has started creating a strong pipeline.


The company is also introduced to partnerships in the larger ecosystem  that will  enable  them to reach out to wider audience


Case Study 7

The Product : A No-Code platform for Digitizing any of your manual processes within a few hours, thus reducing the need for high cost IT solutions


The Success : Modified & sharpened the pitch for quick appeal & better sharing of benefits. Expanded the target category set & obtained quick successes in the large apparel industry paving way to enter all apparel majors across the globe.

Well poised for expanding across industries & use cases and across geographies.

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